Noob problem..

Hi i have some problem.I don’t know how to load actor(and all animations) or object from other python files.And what program I need to make environment.

Sorry for my english but i from Poland.

with “loading from other files” … do you mean having a and a and call a function loadAllActors() in the which is a functino in or do you simply want to know how to load animated models at all?

if it’s simple model loading ->tip: read through the manual (top menue bar on this page -documentation->manual)
or here’s the link to the section

well about creating environment and actors. which modelling software do you use? blender?3dsmax?maya?

i know this. But i don’t know how to load models from the different file?
For exemple i have two files and I want write code in to load file from


What I have done is to define a function where I create python objects 

and load models (.egg files). Then, in the main function, I import that
previous function and call it to load objects.

Something like:

def createActors():
act = Actor.Actor( …)

env = loader.loadModel(...)

from file1 import *


I hope that help.