nonsingular at line 1445...

File “C:\Panda\direct\src\actor\”, line 146, in init
File “C:\Panda\direct\src\actor\”, line 1142, in loadModel
model = loader.loadModelCopy(modelPath)
File “C:\Panda\direct\src\showbase\”, line 95, in loadModelCopy
node = ModelPool.loadModel(modelPath)
File “ModelPool”, line 137, in loadModel

AssertionError: nonsingular at line 1445 of c:\dev\panda\panda3dsrc\panda\src\linmath\lmatrix4_src.I
:display: Closing wglGraphicsWindow

This is the error I get when loading some model/animation files from MAYA. Usually I get multiple lines of the last part about nonsigulars.

Any ideas? This happens with boned models. In one case, an egg file of just the geometry worked fine and an egg file of just the bones worked fine but in the process of combining them into a rigged model this error results.

looking for some insight…thanks.

The assertion error is not very informative; I will fix it so that it explains the problem a little better. It is actually objecting because someone tried to take the inverse of a singular matrix; that is, any matrix with a scale to 0 in one or more of the axes, which is mathematically impossible (it’s like a division-by-zero error).

The character animation code requires that it can compute the inverse of all matrices on the different bones, in order to compute skinning information. Does your animation or your rigging have any bones that have a zero scale on them?


a beautiful, sensical explanation for a vexing error.
Thanks- all fixed now.