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You might want to take a look at treeform’s pyro library:

hmmm no good…treeforms link is broken and I didnt see any references of pyro online it must be custom maybe?

It was written by treeform, actually. So ask treeform to get the link up.

yeah I asked and treeform said that the link worked for him/her sorry I dont know treeforms gender :slight_smile: but treeform said that it worked for her/him and would post an alternate link since it did not for me

Well, maybe the site was down for a small period of time. That happens once in a while to the P3DP server. Try again, it might work this time.

dang…still no luck…maybe you could send me the file if you have them? cuz it still doesnt work

timoshii. also pyro is compiled for 1.5.3 which is not what is available. I would have to recompiled it for 1.5.2. Drwr is also looking at integrating it into padna3d proper. I think its best bet just to wait for him. My pyro lib has nothing you cant do with just drawing geometry yourself - it just does it much much faster.

yeah thats what i need lol so there is 1.5.3 and where can i download this? also I found 1.5.3 lol i just found it when i posted this so i just edited it instead of reposting. so is the pyro code in 1.5.3 also treeform how could i go about doing beam weapon effects in panda? i just cant figure out that particle system its confusing b/c the manual doesnt explain much :frowning:

another question…would CollisionHandlerFloor or PhysicsCollisionHandler would be better for collision detection with say a car and a uneven terrain. but i want the car to well…act like a car meaning that if i am going fast enough and the car reaches a drop point it actually flies off the ground for a second then lands back on it. sort of like the car driving off a hill rapidly and having a short lift off from the ground

im thinking physicsCollsionHandler but i dont know I’m still a bit wishy washy about the collision handler in such that they only use rays with the roaming ralph example…it would be nice if they did both physics and rays or rather a car example and an avatar walking on uneven ground sample. if they have one for the physics please share the link :slight_smile:

You would probably want to look into ODE for that. It would be included inside panda3d soon but now you can just use the pyODE library.

yeah but is the ODE more complex to use than panda because I’m new and I’m just starting to read into high dynamic lighting and creating shaders purely with opengl and i have to say its…wel…rather complicated with all the math functions. and they say u need only up to algebra 2 hahahahaha fools! some concepts they discuss are found in pre cal and cal lol :slight_smile: but i guess thats just that! although i wish their was a more efficient manner of achieving realistic water physics in real-time but math can never calculate that accurately…oh well.

there is nothing wrong with being new. But you need to start with simple stuff and build on it. Don’t start with complex stuff like physics and shades.

very true! I’m skipping the physics part as of now for my game and I’m just trying to make the car stay on top of the ground :slight_smile: I’m going to use the ground collision ray

ok can someone explain the bullet velocity and firing part in the asteroid tutorial…i always have a hard time distinguishing segments of code from the whole thing. plus the asteroid code is…well…rather jumbled and not for the newby faint of heart so to speak. Basically I just want to explain how to get the objects position, velocity, direction and fire a bullet from it no lists or bullet count pretend their is an infinite amount of bullets and they have no life expiration they go on forever (just for now though)

sorry for such a newby request but wow…the coding isnt really explained very well in my opinion in the asteroid tutorial. it may just be that I learn weird or something :smiley: :unamused:

This is the “fire” method from my copy of the Asteroids sample:

def fire(self, time):
    direction = DEG_TO_RAD * self.ship.getR()
    pos = self.ship.getPos()
    bullet = loadObject("bullet", scale = .2)  #Create the object
    #Velocity is in relation to the ship
    vel = (self.getVelocity(self.ship) + 
           (Vec3(sin(direction), 0, cos(direction)) *
    self.setVelocity(bullet, vel)
    #Set the bullet expiration time to be a certain amount past the current time
    self.setExpires(bullet, time + BULLET_LIFE)

    #Finally, add the new bullet to the list

Is there any part of that in specific that you want “translated”? I believe that I can provide a line-by-line breakdown, if you like, but I don’t want to give you that much text to read if you were just having trouble finding the above code, or were only stuck on a few lines. :wink:

thats cool ok one question the self aka def init (self) why is this used. I know in the simple tutorials it doesnt use it then boom the rest jump to def init(self) is it just a easier way to program. Secondly, I kinda wanted a more simple example of firing a bullet.

so simple as this

  1. a box
  2. a cylinder (for the bullet)
  3. a simple camera <— really don’t need explaining this i get this
  4. fire from where the box is facing
  5. ability to offset where the bullet is firing from (not really needed just wanted to know for future when I want to fire a bullet from the end of a gun or something)
  6. controls for the box is not necessary
  7. DO NOT use self.whatever
  8. cup of coffee <—for yourself of course

yes yes i know newby simple but hey…I’m probably not the only one confused because I’m being bombarded with unnecessary code like that in asteroids :frowning: I tried looking at the user contributed tutorials for the collision stuff but that was gone :frowning: grrrr but dont worry collision is next on my list of questions to ask if i cant find the answer too :smiley:

First of all, have you learned about Object-oriented programming? This is a part of that. In this case, Python expects that every method of a class take in an implicit “self” parameter, which allows it to refer to, well, itself. Thus when, in a class method (such as any of those declared within the scope of “class World(DirectObject):”), referring to “self.x” refers to an attribute of the class itself named “x” (as opposed to possible method parameters or externally-defined variables). Personally, I prefer C++'s approach, but I think that this method at least makes it clear that we’re referring to the one that belongs to the class that we’re dealing with, and not some other.

As to bullet firing, for now let’s forget about the shapes of the player character and the bullet.

For now I’ve left the “self” prefixes off, but I would recommend that, if you haven’t already, you look into at least the basics of object-orientation - it’s a pretty useful way of building programs, I think, and at the least knowing somewhat of how it works should help you to read object-oriented code. :slight_smile:

bullet = loader.loadModel("bullet_model") 
                       # Create a new bullet object.
                       # Note that they used another
                       # method of their own, 
                       # "loadObject", which includes
                       # this line.
bullet_pos = player.getPos() # We want it to start where
                             # the player starts, so get
                             # that position and store it.
bullet_dir = player.getH()  # We want the bullet to start
                            # off facing the same
                            # direction as
                            # the player, so get that
                            # direction and store it.
                            # I'm using h instead of r; it
                            # depends on how you orient
                            # things, I think.
bullet.setPos(bullet_pos) # Move the bullet to
                          # its starting position.
bullet.setH(bullet_dir) # Turn the bullet to
                        # its starting direction.

bullet.reparentTo(render) # Put the bullet into the scene
                          # graph so that it is shown.

For now I haven’t dealt with giving the bullets a way to move.

For this I, personally, favour doing this with either a python tag, containing a velocity vector (see setPythonTag and its relatives), or, if you have more information to store along with a bullet (such as damage value, damage type and whether it seeks, for example), and especially if you have operations that you want a bullet to perform (handling its own updating, including any seeking, for example), I recommend making a separate class that contains the nodepath provided above by loader.loadModel.

Ironically for a programmer, I don’t drink coffee, but thank you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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lol yeah about the same time after when i forgot to edit it I forgot to look over the hello world panda tutorial thinking that it was just what it says…hello world. My dumb self didnt think to actually REVIEW this instead of skipping it thinking yeah i already know how to right to the console

oh and i also feel even dumber because it didnt dawn on me that I’m using python so duh i was thinking panda handled self.whatever differently lol yes yes I do know OOP I have learning python book 1 and the ever so bigger programming with python book <---- this book is rather intersting since it covers both gui, networking, bugs, and a lot of other intersting things! and yes thats the title of the book programming python :slight_smile: anyway yeah reviewing the hello world helped me understand def init(self): and collision detection!!! woot woot! yay I understand into objects and from objects now! yay! and the picker thing with the mouse hahahaha i feel stupid yet knowledgeable at the same time! and i found it with the weirdest search query too :smiley: I guess I learn abstractly hmmm thats the problem with me.

like you know how most programming books use the technique of programming is like making a sandwich idea…well cannot for the life of me grasp that concept but when I see it running in a program and its explained i get it for some reason! for example they would have

def Compute(egg amount)

then they would use an elif statement

elif egg amount > 1

then print “you dont have enough eggs on your sandwich”

or they would do

nested tuples
sandwich 1 = (‘spam’, (‘eggs’, ‘bacon’)
all they could have said was a tuple () <— a tuple is two of these that contains something like numbers or a reference to something else lol but no they used food instead which confused me :slight_smile:

of course this isnt correct programming and if compiled it wouldnt run thats what would get me it WOULDNT work! so i had to find a program that did what that did and study it then i would get it lol…sry for that LONG explanation :slight_smile:

oh and your code really helped me with the bullet thing which i now understand the asteroid thing now since I read the hello world stuff :slight_smile: stupid me !!!
which your code has same concepts found in YOU GUESSED IT hello world lol :slight_smile: yeah real dumb skipping that part of the tutorial…

hey treeform I tried to load pyro from its folder with panda 1.5.3 and it says it was missing a .dll which it clearly was not…do i have to do something extra to get it to work because i read your readme.txt and it didnt say you need to place such and such file here…which being a newby to panda stuff I didnt really know if i needed to include it in the panda files or not

the dll has to be in python path.
which is simply in the root your game.
just move the dll from the folder to the root of your game.
did the samples work?