Nodes on Sketchup?

Long time Panda3D junkie and I’ve been using Sketchup for quite some time but have been skimping on things like collisions, which in the set of models I’m using (Toontown, surprise) there’s collision nodes defined that are basically texture-less copies of the geom you collide with that are hidden. It would also be useful to create different nodes for other reasons.

Is there a way to pull this off using Sketchup? I’ve never really explored the concept before. Similar to if you search a model in the scene graph using .ls() you’d get the different groups to come up, perhaps the arms and the legs of a man, etc., - I’m looking to do that. Thanks!

I’m using Sketchup Make 2016.

Hi, Otaku! Nice to see you around. :slight_smile:

Usually, the best way to create collision geometry is by letting the .egg loader generate it. This means creating something like a { Polyset keep descend } tag in the .egg file. For cases where you have the collision geometry defined separately (eg. as a simplified version of the mesh), you can tag this geometry with { Polyset descend } which will remove the visible geometry and only keep the collision geometry.

How are you (planning on) exporting the models from Sketchup to Panda? Are you exporting to COLLADA and using dae2egg? Unless you are okay with manually adding these tags to the resulting .egg file, I think it may be difficult to automate the tagging of collision geometry without resorting to a post-processing script (ie. a script to add a tag to every model with a certain name), since we don’t have control over this exporter, unlike with Blender (where the export add-on is written specifically for Panda).

It might also be possible to export to Blender first, and then tag the models to contain the appropriate collision information, and then use YABEE to Panda. This would complicate the export process for you, though.

Thanks so much rdb! I began researching this issue again and stumbled onto this thread which I forgot I made. The collisions idea worked great, I added it manually into a simple new model of where I need to the collisions to be matched up with the “display” model. The only problem I am having now is that they’re “glitchy”. If you stand alongside side of them (side of avatar touching the collision) it will simply almost push you through, or kind of into a “limbo” area inside of the collision even though the walls are simply made up of 4/8 faces with no depth. Makes the model jump left and right, etc, and with only a little effort you can easily go out of bounds.

I also noticed the normal Toontown collisions let you back through if you disable collisions, walk outside of the normal area, re-enable collisions, and simply walk back through, but if you try to go back you won’t be able to respectively. However, it seems both sides of my faces have collisions, like if I were to go out of bounds I wouldn’t be able to simply walk back in without getting blocked and stuck outside. I wonder if this is a part of the problem?

Should this model be triangulated?