Node Radius

When I’m detecting collisions between a node and level geometry, I find that it gets too close, making the camera clip through geometry. Can I set a radius for a node to use as a sort of buffer zone?

You can either increase the radius of the collision solid surrounding the node, or decrease the near distance of the camera.

Well, how are you detecting collisions in the first place? If you’re using either Panda’s built-in collision system or one of the third-party physics engine integrations, can you not simply make the collision shape bigger?

Of course, this would affect collisions with other objects; if that’s undesirable, then I see two main options:

  1. Use two nodes for your object, one for level geometry and one for other objects, discriminating between the two cases via bitmasks.
  2. Adjust the collision geometry of your level such that it is slightly offset from the visible geometry, thus causing collisions to happen before objects get too close.

In case you haven’t already done this, note that–if I’m not much mistaken–reducing the “near-distance” of your camera might allow you to move it closer to geometry without it being clipped open.