Node in 'render' looking at reticle in 'aspect2d'? How?

I would like to make the actor (Ralph) parented to ‘render’, to look at cursor (reticle) parented to aspect2d. How to do it? Usual Ralph.lookAt(reticle) doesn’t work…

Feature-Tutorials–Joint-Manipulation - comes to mind

Now if you really wanted Ralph look at the camera would he always be looking directly at you? so Ralph.lookAt( now that will make us look directly at us then maybe Ralph.lookAt(,Vec3(mouse-x,1,mouse-y)) - look at a point in coordinates that is the mouse representation vector. I am just giving you hints here but that is the way i would approach it.

Thank you, treesome! Although I can’t use your hints directly (for example, lookAt() doesn’t accept Vec3, only Point3), thanks to you I have found ways to solve the problem in different way. I hope to put it in code snippets soon.