no /usr/lib/panda3d in oneiric buildbot 1.8

I’m trying to set up eclipse and the tutorial i’m following says I’m supposed to have /usr/lib/panda3d but it didn’t come with my oneiric buildbot download. … lipsepanda

(I downloaded the panda3d 1.8 oneiric .deb and opened it with Software Center in ubuntu 11.10)

I did get
/usr/share/panda3d with contents and

The installation also didn’t come with a /usr/share/panda3d/doc folder which is supposed to contain the installation instructions.

I’m used to building blender which flows like this
download files from svn
run .config and make or build with scons
(find the missing libraries - there’s always some)
open Qt or Eclipse and load the project file generated from the build

I downloaded the 1.8 oneiric sdk buildbot release. I can run the samples using just >python
Is this all there is? It doesn’t feel like i’m building/compiling anything. Shouldn’t I have libraries? What if I need to make some changes to a c++ file in the panda source. How do i compile this?

A tutorial on how to sync to trunk, build and set up the IDE for new devs would be really great.



It may be in /usr/lib64/panda3d, depending on your architecture.

To compile, you’ll need to grab the source code distribution, uninstall the deb file and then compile using the instructions in the source distribution (or CVS repository, of course).

yup, libraries were in usr/lib64

I still don’t have much for source code
in usr/share/panda3d i have

but no /doc folder where the instructions are supposed to be. I thought i had grabbed the source code distro - isn’t that what the sdk is for? And just curious, but why do you have to delete the .deb file?


There is no source code in the binary SDK. SDK means that it contains everything needed to develop Panda3D programs with it (either in Python or in C++), including the Python modules, the libraries, the header files, and the sample programs.

You only need the source code if you want to make a custom or modified build of Panda3D itself.