No Textures

Hello ALl of You. This is My Problem.

I got a model in .x format and I converted to an egg format with x2egg. But when I loadit on panda3d using loadModel(“player.egg”) it appears on Up to Down View(like i were on a plane) and no Textures. SOmeone at a Argentine forums tells me that .x doesn´t looses texture, animation, but this load no texture. What I am doing wrong

I am still new, so don’t trust me 100%. Egg format doesn’t store textures on its own. The texture must be in the path provided in the model(usually in the same directory as the egg). Otherwise it will appear white. As for top view problem, maybe your model uses other axes orientation than z-up. Try rotating it in blender.

Nope, Egg’s hold the path to the texture. Just make sure your Texture is in the same directory as the model, if that doesn’t work you may need to open the model in a text editor and manually change the path, because I had the same issue not long ago, I converted COLLADA to egg and the texture wasn’t showing up even though it was in the same directory. I had to change the path of the texture manually, since EGG files are stored in plain text as XML.