No place to say Hello?

Theres no place for new members to say hello in these forums! and i wanted to say hi to everyone here ^^,
Im a python programmer and im so glad i found a Engine that uses Python, hopfully ill actully be able to do something with the engine =P (Im not the smartest person in the world) i know alittle C++ but not alot.
So i see the sticked tutorial so i’ll start there and work on the tutorials that come with the download and prolly have alot of fun =).
thats all.




I’m glad you’re enjoying Panda so far!! It is a hidden gem that’s for sure!

You don’t really need to work C++ unless you’re wanting to change something in the engine other than gameplay or you want to try and figure out some functionality that has little documentation or is not documented at all!! :wink:

Have fun.