no normal mapping???

My video card is a Asus Extreme AX300SE/TD, and as far as I know it supports pixel shader 2.0.

However when I run the Normal Mapping Tutorial all I see is gray & a white sphere. I press ENTER and everything comes back to normal… but without normal mapping!

What puzzels me is that I don’t get the “Normal Map Demo: Video driver reports that shaders are not supported.” error from the last if

Until now I used both the A6 Engine and the Torque Engine and Normal Mapping & Parallax Mapping where working like a charm…why??

Has anyone any idea how to achieve a similar effect?? (Maybe by using grayscale images?)

even if you disable shaders or dont have one you should at least see textured walls.
sounds more like a “texture not found” issue than a shader related things.
check the console output and your path’s

Thomas, those textures must not be rendered properly using that shader. Yes, some ppl couldn’t run that demo properly. Try use the shader on the Code Snippet forum.

Yup, I tried the alterante Normal Mapping Shader, from the Code Snippet and it works perfect.

Thanks everybody!