No Middle Mouse Button

I have no middle mouse button, nor do I have a mouse wheel.
Whats the alternative keys that simulate these functions ?

In what context? Panda doesn’t provide a generic way to simulate these buttons, but a particular application may choose to provide alternative inputs.

In the trackball interface, as used in pview, for instance, you can hold down control + left mouse button to simulate the middle mouse button. Or you can hold down both left and right buttons together to simulate the middle mouse button as well. The trackball interface doesn’t use the scroll wheel.


Most 3D applications I work with have alternatives for the middle mouse button and scroll wheel, (( such as ctrl + mouse movement for the wheel, or alt + lmb for the mmb )) .
I find it strange panda 3D does not utilize this, considering how many folks do not have middle mouse buttons & wheels .

Panda3D is not an application. The application is what you write using Panda3D, and you are certainly encouraged to write your application to implement alternatives for the middle mouse button and scroll wheel.

Panda3D is just an engine that tells you what buttons the user is actually hitting. It’s up to your application to decide what to do with them.


I had this problem with using Blender and spent $14 on a little Targus “blue beam” optical mouse that plugs into my USB, Windows immediately recognized it, PROBLEM SOLVED. Mine works on just about ANY surface.