no material export [solved]

I have made for a test a basic cube and made it a simple material only by changing RGBA…still no material export (like in chicken’s documentation says), how come, am I doing something wrong?

I have the last version of blender and he recognises python! The last version of chicken! And I simply export on .egg yet when I run my program, nothing!

Hmm, if you view your model in pview, do they still not show up after pressing L ?

Yep, now it works! SO what do I have to do in my code to make it in my program work?

You have to add lighting to your scene in order to make materials appear.

However, instead of assigning a color in the material, it’s better to assign a color using vertex colors. I believe blender offers functionality to paint vertex colors on the model. This approach works without lighting setup and is (I think) even a tiny bit faster.

So are you saying to export the Blender light or to add light through Scripting on my Program. Anyway I will try both and will see which one will go!

The .egg format does not support lights, nor does chicken… So you’d have to add lights using the manual link I provided.

I still recommend using vertex colors instead of lights. But that’s just a matter of preference.

Yep I tested it now and with programed lights and it works. It would be nice to say in the Panda3D manual somewhere that RGBA does not work without lights so others to not ask these dumm questions.

Anyway tnx dude for helping me out!

Just make it a record, in Blender we can just “draw” some color on vertex , so we can see the material in Panda3D without light setup.

“Vertex paint”:

Mybe this post is a little bit old but im having similar problems. I thought chicken was not exporting the materials and procedurals textures, so I read this post about lights.

Just placed a light but the rectangle is not showing the way it should :


I cant get the spoilers to run dont know why

Well the matter is that the rectangle having the light is not being viewed correctly, paste the code here, maybe im not using the correct light :
import direct.directbase.DirectStart
import direct.directbase.DirectStart
from pandac.PandaModules import *

dlight = DirectionalLight(‘my dlight’)
dlnp = render.attachNewNode(dlight)

#Load the first environment model
environ = loader.loadModel(“models/pruevas/pirenaia3”)


#Run the tutorial

It looks like you don’t have any UV mapping on your object - are you sure your texture is mapped to use UV coords and not Orco or something like that?

PS. Panda’s forum doesn’t support spoiler tags.

It was with Orco, now its with UV, but its still doing the same

Changed to UV, exported again, copied the egg file and the same result, must be something else

Well ive read I cannot do anything with procedural textures, I have to use UV textures, this was the problem…

This thread solved my problem with textures!

hooray and thanks to pro-rsoft.

But i have another question : Chicken doesn’t export my subsurf modifier from Blender.

is there any way to do this?

first: don’t hijack threads. open a new one if your problem isn’t related to the discussed topic.

second: you have to apply all modifiers. they’re blender internal only and not exportable

Actually, some modifiers may be exported correctly, depending on the “render” toggle button in the modifier.