No collision cube?

This is probably an old subject, but why no collision cube?

My purpose is to create a pong game to introduce myself to the engine, and I need rectangular collision solids for each paddle. If gaining access to such a collision solid is not possible, how do I go about creating a collision solid that resembles my rectangular paddle?

Thanks in advance!

Note: The paddles aren’t purely rectangular, so I do not wish to use precise mesh-to-mesh collision handling.

a tube is probable your best bet. If you want to keep it simple.

I have found other ways around it like alpha’d square with low poly’s doing collisions but this is difficult to get working as you cant use collision mesh you gotta make a square seperate as a real mesh then hide it using textures and attach it to a node that your paddle is connected to. Which i find is not reccomended just due to things going out of sync sometimes.

My stupidity I guess we added one hrrm i wonder why id dint see that one come out.

What are you complaining about ?
There is CollisionBox.

Twinfun2, it happens I’m just making one these days - it is not 100% finished and commented out yet (I plan to release soon though) but if you wanna give a peek to see how I did it, grab the whole stuff here.
press 1 to start the game and backspace to reset it

I’m guessing a CollisionBox is pretty much a collision cube? I wonder why it isn’t included in the collision section of the manual…

I’ll check it out. I’m assuming when you say “making one” that you are writing CollisionCube capabilities for P3D.

Thanks for the replies! I apologize for my late reply.

indeed. a cube is just a box with all edges the same length. also, you propably want a box for your paddle as it’s most likely not square.

not quite - I was referring to “making a pong game”.
mine is a different approach you may find some hint to overcome your problems - honestly that collisioncube is unknown to me.

Does the collisionBox support the show() function? My other collision solids function with it correctly, but collisionBox isn’t…

CollisionBox was recently implemented by a student at CMU. I don’t know whether show() works with it or not. Perhaps it doesn’t; if not, that’s a minor bug.


Thanks for the clarification! I’ll end the thread here…