Nice models and free models, new site!

Hey there!
We’ve just started a small 3d model site which would be cool for your game development:

We have free real-time models like this:

and others:

Developers always need model, so we try our best to make as many free model as we can and hope they might help

New products are available every week, we kindly invite you to visit frequently to check them out!
Sorry if you find it annoying.

Where is the interrelation between “Scripting Issues” and “Selling Models” (I don’t count the models even programmers can create on their own in one hour)?

What means fully textured? Is there a gloss map? A normal map? If it’s only a diffuse map, are shadows already applied (I looks like) so I can’t add a normal map on my own?

Where are the egg files or the bam files?

The most importang question I have. Why is more or less every software to create a game free. Panda3D as engine, Blender as modelling software, GIMP for the textures. This are only three, but the are hundreds of open source projects on SourceForge related to games. But why can’t I find 10 sites on internet with only free 3D game related models? Why is there such a difference in the being of software engineers and modeling artists?

I should not have responded to this post, I know. SCNR

well, i think someone should create a site with upload options
if just each one of us uploaded one beloved model, animation, etc for free we would be more confortable for testing our little programs