Newbie (warning! electronics engineer inside!)

Hi all,

Despite having a bachelor degree in electrics and electronics engineering, decided to (still thinking, why :question: ) do my master degree in game technology department. Actually, I’m working as an embedded software(c++) and hardware engineer in an R&D company right now, and (as you expect :wink: ) I have no experience with game making tools.

Unluckily(I’ll explain why :arrow_right: ) my real game lessons will start in following 2nd semester, which means I’m not gonna take any lesson about designing game graphics or anything else until next year. (here is explanation of Unluckily :laughing: ) This semester I’m taking AI lesson and we have a term project. I have to design a graphical interface (some kind a game) in order to represent my ai workings. I’m kind of a linux guy and according to my little search Panda3d is best fitting game engine for my base (linux and c++).

So, after a little bit background, here is my request. I need fast steps to learn and produce some basic animations. And also would like to use the game engine (which I want to use right know) in my further projects (i mean next years). This semester I need to focus on AI algorithm, and I’m planning to go with a traffic simulation which is controlled by a smart traffic algorithm. That’s it, I need basic graphics, 4 way junction, some car animations and the other details.

So which steps should be better? I do not have enough time to learn and apply Panda3d completely (actually I have but I need to work and also I have to pass other lessons too :cry: ). What do you prefer at all? Is Panda extreme for me? Should I try something else?

Please accept my apologize if I had any mistake while writing. English is not my native language.
Also I hope this is right place to ask this question.

Thank you very much for reading …umm :unamused: … this document.