Newbie questions about stereo 3D configurations

Hi all!
I understand that there is lots of docs and thread to deal with, but I’d like to hear from experienced developers the information about the practical difference.

In my simple project I’d like to run the same stereo 3D app with:

  • shutter glasses (e.g. Nvidia 3D vision with 120 Hz monitor or 120 Hz DLP projector)
  • DLP link glasses (120 Hz DLP-projector)
  • Infitec setup (passive stereo with 2 Infitec projectors)

Here … _variables I found some variables like red-blue-stereo and framebuffer-stereo. How should I configure them to deal with each of given setups?

All of the above are hardware solutions to stereo, which Panda really doesn’t have any involvement with, beyond asking your graphics driver to enable stereo (which you do with “framebuffer-stereo 1”).

So, put “framebuffer-stereo 1” in your Config.prc file.

For the rest of it, you need to make sure your graphics driver knows how to activate the particular stereo hardware required. That’s between you and your graphics driver.

I don’t have any opinion as to which of these hardware solutions is better. I’m sure they all have pros and cons.


Do you have control over what the system hardware is? Like, is it for a specific installation, or something you’re going to distribute to users with a variety of hardware?

The framebuffer-stereo option may not work on all cards/drivers. Also, for a passive setup in general you may have better luck drawing the two camera views manually.

I’ve mostly used passive projection for my setups with Panda and other things, so can’t speak too much to the active stereo options.

What are the prices like now for infinitec? I’d be really excited to get those for my next multiwall system if it’s gotten into any kind of reasonable price range :slight_smile: