Newbie Question

Ookeh, im ‘‘new’’ to 3d game making… and well i have maya, and i saw on the download section exporters for maya and 3ds max… so that means that it exports a maya 3d file to .egg or whatever?


Thx :smiley: , lot of things to do…

The steps on the page explain how to export advanced texture mapping, scroll down below to actually see how the exporter works. The page order is kinda weird, I’ll give you that.

Yes i see…, omg this is hard coding i’m used to gamemaker…

that’s why there is following descibrion right on the front-page
“Panda3D is a 3D engine: a library of subroutines for 3D rendering and game developmen”
its a library for game development. not a game-creation kit. there is a significant difference. but you’ll get good coding practice which might help you a lot , for panda, your life or maybe your job. how knows.
welcome to panda , take a seat :slight_smile:

yes, well thank you, but i need help for coding, just a simple code so i could get a hang of it…
how do i check if forward is equal to 1 and then make him move in direction that is 90 degrees… or just move forward, object name should be self?

Might I suggest starting here; it might help you to find answers to your questions. :slight_smile: