Newbie question re: sketchup model shows up with no texture

First, I apologize if this has been answered before. I did a search but didn’t see an answer to this question, but I am notoriously lousy trying to guess the exact combination of search words to get positive hits.

Anyway, I am a complete newbie at 3D modeling, with very little experience. However, I am only trying to make very simple polygons at the moment. I am using Google Sketchup 7 (just got 8 today), and have no problems exporting to collada and using dae2egg to get them into my panda3d program.

My problem is this: if I apply textures to the model in sketchup, they show up fine in panda. However, any face that is merely “colored” but not textured just shows up as white and featureless in panda.

Is this normal? Am I missing an export/inport/conversion option or something? Or is it just not possible?

Thanks for any direction.

I’m not a Sketchup user, but from your description I might make a guess that Sketchup merely changes the color of a polygon instead of assigning vertex colors. AFAIK this isn’t supported if it even is exported out of Sketchup in the first place. As a somewhat hacky solution you could simply assign a texture that’s the same color as the color you’re missing.

Try enabling lighting, with the “l” key in pview. Some kinds of material colors can only be seen when lighting is enabled.


Thanks for the replies. I had already used another texture in place of the solid color, but I was hoping to just use colors in the possibly misguided notion that they would use less memory.

I’m not sure how to enable lighting, I will look into that, thanks for the suggestion.

Press the “l” key (lowercase “L”) while viewing the model in pview to enable lighting in pview. If that reveals the color, then you know that lighting is the issue, and you can enable lighting in your application as described in the manual. If pressing “l” doesn’t reveal the color, then the problem is elsewhere, and there’s no point to enabling lighting in your application.


Aha! that was it, thanks drwr! Off to read about lighting now…