Newbie Question about "painting" Models

Dear Panda3d community,
I’m new in Panda and I read a litte tutorial, but I don’t know how to draw own models. How do you do that? :cry:
Thank you!

—Sorry for incorrect english. It’s not my native— :unamused:

it’s easy : you can’t

panda3d is not a modeling tools, you can’t create the model you use with it
( in fact, you can create procedural model but I don’t think that was your question )

You will have to create your model with a modeling tool ( maya, 3dsmax, blender,…) and then import them into panda3d

Actually, there is a way to paint on models with Panda.
See this post:

Thanks for repiles (or how you spell that word :blush: )
Now I have created a model with Blender and saved It as a *.blend file.
But how can I convert it to an .egg file or mustn’t I do that and if not how can I get them into my program?

—I’m sorry for stupid newbie Questions, but I’ve never done something with 3d before and for incorrect english. It’s not my native— Rolling Eyes

You have to convert the file to egg.
The plugin for blender is Chicken. You can look into the pipeline forum about it.
There also a chapter in the panda manual : … om_Blender