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I am new to panda and I have some questions on how to get started on my project. I want to create a demo game for a school project where I need to place a surfer model on some Waves. Now, I am totally lost on how to create these waves… Hope someone can give me some guidence.

I am trying out panda because it can run on multiple os’es and it is a game engine and not a tool like quest3d which is an application that my teacher prefers.

Or would anyone suggest to get started on a tool like quest?

Thank you…

Creating waves isnt the easiest thing one can do, but it is possible. I think the best way to do it is via shaders, or otherwise with realtime vertex deformation. It depends on what kind of waves you want. Just rippling water (very easy) or enormous waves (harder) ?

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Yeas of course I want it to be huge waves. But this is the first time I would attempt to create something like that and I have no Idea where to get started. Can you give me some more detailed tips on where to get started?

Thank you!!!

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I do think as well, that it would be hard to create huge real time changing waves.

Sure, you can scale static models, but I doubt that you will get anywhere near to realism like wave behavior…

Maybe if the waves consists of several parts combined by joints - and then life-scaling them. - But then there is still the problem with the forces for the surfer. :wink:

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VTerrain is always a good place to start:

actually, this brings up an interesting topic since real-time water would be much easier to do if Panda supported softbody dynamics (ie particles controlling individual vertices of a geometry as they are influenced by forces). Creating large waves that toss and turn would still be difficult but the general behavior of water as seen in games like WaveRace64 could theoretically be done with a softbody and turbulence field.

something like what raytaller is working on: https://discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php?t=2653

I haven’t looked much into the particle system for Panda but I believe it is not equipped to do this. If anyone wants to try and add this to future releases, it would be pretty awesome, as it can be used for such a wide variety of interesting effects, including simulating cloth, hair, etc.

Perhaps this may be of no use to you, but you could make the perspective of the game in such a way that you did not need softbody dynamics etc.

For example if the game’s perspective where face on, you could simulate waves approaching the surfer and him trying to manuever, I guess I am thinking of it in terms of a 2D game but with perspective. Anyway, food for thought…good luck!