Newbie - basic rendering/texture question

I have been experimenting and learning Panda/Blender/Python for a short while. From everything I read a texture or rendering of textures, requires a small (say .png) image which is ‘repeated’ across a face of a polygon.

I want to have a ‘fixed’ picture (probably from a digital camera) fit onto the side of a cube without repetition, that is, the picture must ‘stretch’ to fit the face. I suppose a none virtual example might be one of those picture cubes that hold photos but where the photo always fits the side of the cube

Can I do this, if so which bits of which tutorials/FAQs/books should I startt reading. :question: :question:
(As I am in a distant timezone from most of you I’ll check again tomorrow.)

I don’t think Panda would have any trouble with this at all, but I don’t think it’s Panda that you need for this.

I’m pretty sure that you’d use your modeling package (in your case Blender) to apply your texture to just one side of the cube and then import the textured model into Panda.

So it might be a good idea to ask in the Blender forums about how you can apply a texture to just one part of a model. Then all you’d need to do is import it into Panda for rendering.

Mind you, Panda has some pretty impressive features, so It’s highly likely that you could also program Panda to do this for you too. Hopefully one of the Panda guru’s will answer you on this subject.


Also, if Blender doesn’t give you a way to easily texture only one cube face, you may want to try building 6 faces separately into a cube, which you can then texture independently. The efficiency gains in Panda for having six faces unified into a cube are pretty minimal, and I believe essentially nonexistant as far as render speed is concerned.

Best of luck!