New Video Tutorials

Hello everyone!
Is there maybe some plans for new official video tutorials series?

I would very apriciate it, because there is only one serious tutorial on the internet (from Atilla Toth) :wink:

Thanks for any info :smiley:

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I’m wondering what’s not in the manual what might be in the video. Moreover, the video is inconvenient, there is no possibility to copy-paste and so on. A complete waste of time.

I have noticed that some people seem to prefer tutorials to be in video form. Perhaps they find that they learn better when seeing someone else perform a given task, rather than reading about it–but that’s speculation on my part.

I understand that some people might learn more easily via video, whereas other people might learn more easily using a text manual.

It sounds like a good suggestion, but we would need to find a volunteer who’s willing to find the time to put them together.

Thank you all for response :smiley:

@serega-kkz Well… video tutorials, especially for beginner, provide better understanding what is going on, how to code something line by line, teach how to make something and why NOT to make something else. Probably visual learning plays key role here.

Nevertheless, I hope, that someone experienced in Panda3D will find some reservoirs of free time and manage to record some tutorials for beginners :smiley:

Panda3D seems to be soooooo much powerfull, that such tutorial series must arise. Remember that if begginner find Panda3D really accessible with strong background also on video tutorials ground, then our community will grow fast and this leads to rapid development of the whole :smiley: