New ultraLight HTML UI engine

The creator of Awesomium is making a brand new HTML UI frame work that would be fairly nice and lightweight. Currently panda has the kind of old rocket ui as an html-like interface. Is there any plans to bring ultralight support to panda3d to make better looking uis?
Obviously right now it wouldn’t be a great idea since it’s very early and doesn’t even support opengl, but in the future I think it could be a great option.


Nice find! This looks like a great potential replacement for libRocket when it is finished. Right now, it seems to only support Windows and Direct3D.

Yeah, but it is planned to be for all platforms and for opengl / vulcan, so hopefully that won’t be too far off.

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This seems like a great replacement for rocket, the only thing would be its licensing.
Directly from their website:

What will pricing be like?
The library will be free for non-commercial, educational use, and small indie developers. Pricing plans for larger commercial projects will be announced later.

Not sure if this will affect Panda3d, or even games that use it, considering they’re almost all indie games, but this still may be a factor in whether to use it.

Fmod has the same thing so it shouldn’t be a problem. We are really in need of a modern UI system, directgui sucks

Just a quick update, Ultralight does now support OpenGL 3.2+, so maybe someone could do some implementation of it in P3D. Although it is still in beta.