New to Yabee some questions etc.

Hi! If you can answer any of the following questions thank you! Also, any tips you might have about blender, .egg. and yabee, etc can be posted here. Thanks!

  1. Can I have multiple objects in my scene?

I successfully exported a textured box and got it to display correctly in my PYPE program. When I duplicated the object and tried to export, I couldn’t get it to load both boxes. It still loads just one box, but it appears to load the NEWEST box (the duplicate). They use the same texture which might be a problem…

  1. Are there any good tutorials out there for blender to .egg using yabee?

I read the how to.

  1. Please leave any tips or information that helped YOU when you were starting out. I’ll take any help I can get :laughing: . Thanks!

(1) you can have multiple objects in your scene, but perhaps you created an instance instead of an actual duplicate? YABEE is very limited in functionality, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t support instances.

Alright! Thanks for the response. Going to just take some trial and error then I guess… oh well :smiley: .