New to Panda3D

Hi, I am new to Panda3D.
I know a fair amount about Python, but a lot of the new stuff to do with Panda is still largely an unknown to me. Are there any tuts or complete language reference pages that you could reccomend.?

Check out the panda manual andthe panda reference… Links are at the top of this page

Ya the manual is a great reference. The samples that come with the installer were a great help to me when i was first starting.

Yeah, have had a quick look, it is good, and I am sure that reading all of that will explain most of it, but I do have a number of quick questions though.
-Placing objects within the scene graph seems to be a bit of a fiddle, is there a GUI that you can use to design the scenes with drag ‘n’ drop.
-How can I get the collision sorted out.
-Is there a tut or info u could give me about setting up AI.
-Does Panda support Paralax.

-Ive seen people talk about an interactive scene placer thing? But ive never personally used it. Setting panda/python up where you can stop the python execution and call stuff from command line has done me pretty well in the past.

-For collisions - its a lot to explain. Definately take a look at … _Detection and the five or so pages after it. Definite must read.

-What do you mean by AI? If you mean if there are any built into the engine; i donot believe so. You have to use the scene and your own classes to calculate stuffs and tell your objects what/where/when to do it.

Of course- every perspective 3D engine supports Parallax. Or perhaps did you mean Parallax Mapping? If so, the upcoming version of Panda3D 1.7.0 is going to have support for that.

thnx. There sure is a lot to learn though.
I was trying stuff out and loaded in a textured object with normal maps applyed, but they arent visible…

Make sure you’ve called setShaderAuto() on the model, and have lights applied.

cheers, but yet another thing…
I am following the manual, and did the panda animation ninterval thing, and am now doping it with an exported egg file. But when I set up the intervals:


pandaPosInterval1 = box.posInterval(10, Point3(-10, 0, 0), startPos=Point3(10, 0, 0)
pandaPosInterval2 = box.posInterval(10, Point3(10, 0, 0), startPos=Point3(-10, 0, 0)

It keeps rejecting the var-pandaPosInterval1, and any other variables i try.