New to Panda3D

Hello, i’m new to python and Panda3D, i’m on a personall project for a RPG game i decided to make in Panda3D, but since i’m new(Not new to programming, i’m a little experienced in, but where should i go in order to learn about animation, adding models and make them move and such? and some nice tutorials would be nice.

cheers in advice.

I advise looking at the manual and the sample programs.

The manual has a “Hello World” tutorial which should be perfect to get you started.

Yeah i just completed it, it was great :slight_smile:, but i still am a little wondering, if i wan’t to example.

If i create a little world let’s say a plane with a house in 3Ds max (My 3d program which i like, and i think i saw panda suport maya and 3ds?) and then a simple character, and a walk animation, could i then do like i did in the ‘‘hello world’’ tutorial? and just exchange the models? or…

Coming from a Visual Basic / Gambas background myself I recommend takig sometime to learn python.

All of my stumbling blocks here have been becuase I do not know the python way of doing things.

The Panda3d engine has worked great but the hurdle is overcoming thinking like Visual Basic to thinking like python.

JB SKaggs

Cool thanks :slight_smile:, where should i learn python in a ‘‘professional’’ way? i mean i wan’t to know python in a proffesional way like they teach me fully understanding, EVERY work they’ll tell what means and so, but still in a proffesional way, if you get me?

Here is a link to basic python stuff it will point you to more advanced stuff as well.

JB Skaggs

Thanks :slight_smile: i’ll look at it.