new to panda3D

I just finished the tutorial on panda3Ds website and was wondering where to go next. also if i was to send a program I made to someone would I just send the .py file or would they also have to have the panda3D engine installed

Hi, welcome to the forums!

It depends on your objectives…

Read the section ‘Distributing Panda3D Applications’ of the manual. In short, if you give the py file then the receiver needs the Panda’s SDK, but you can distribute your applications without requiring that.

im guessing you mean a different manual than the one on the website that had the tutorial in it, and my objectives are just making games, right now all ive done with panda is the tutorial with the panda waling around. I still dont understand allot, like how to make it interactive, or if I make a model in blender would the animation be on a seperate file or made in blender on the same .blend file

No, I meant that. Look at this page, there are several sections, and the section III is called ‘Distributing Panda3D Applications’.

Ok, so the next step could be to study the examples, they cover a lot of arguments. And there are two books which cover Panda. If you don’t find some argument, there is the forum. These resources will cover the Panda-specific stuff.

ok i see it now, thanks