New to Panda3D - Need your advice

Hello, I’m brand new to Panda3D. I’ve worked extensively with PyGame for a while now and also have a little experience with OpenGL. PyGame is nice, but is limited to 2D. OpenGL is too low level for the type of applications I want to create. So, here I am to give Panda3D a try.

I’d like to develop an image viewer application. First, I would make it like a simple slide show where the user specifies a directory containing images and they are textured to a quad and crawl onto the screen one after the other. Later, I’d like to create 3D transitional effects, reflection, alpha blending, etc.

My question is do you feel Panda3D is suited for this type of application and if not, could you please point me in the right direction? Thank you for your time.

Yup, that would be pretty easy to do in panda.

Second that. Crazy easy to do with panda actually. I’ve worked with all the non-commercial engines that currently outrank Panda on, and I can honestly say Panda is WAY easier to use and implement and does not sacrifice (much) render power. It at least beats Crystal Space and Irrlicht in the power department.

not to rain down on panda but their are easier methods than panda UNLESS you want complete 3D control I’de try the amazing plugins for picaso but again its just easier in my opinion but yeah panda is great for photos!

Thanks for your feedback. After looking at the engine in a little more detail, it seems perfect for the types of applications I’d like to create.