New to Panda

After much searching I found and decided to use Panda to power my personal projects. I chose Panda because it is the most complete, unrestrictive, up to date FOSS software out there. Nobody here wants you to pay a subscription or royalties and the software is not treated like some hip game production toy. Panda is a jewel and I’m very excited to begin using it but I gotta ask… Where should I start as someone new to Panda?

First of all, how much Python do you know? If you’re new to the language, you might want to look up some basic tutorials for it. (I’m afraid that I don’t have recommendations for that offhand.)

Otherwise. my suggestion is the tutorial in the manual, starting with “Introduction to Panda3D”, and going through to the end of the “Hello World” tutorial. The manual should be available via the menu at the top of the page (under “Documentation”), and the introduction and tutorial should compose its first few sections, I believe.

Welcome, by the way, and I hope that you enjoy Panda! :slight_smile: