new threading issue?

I just merged with the latest Panda source (as of 1/17/2006), and am now encountering an assertion error.

When calling base.camNode.getDisplayRegion( 0 ).setDimensions() (with appropriate arguments), I get this error:

AssertionError: _locking_thread != Thread::get_current_thread() at line 44 of panda\panda3d\panda\src\express\pmutex.cxx

Is this a bug in the new source? Do I need to do something differently when changing the display region now?

That’s the risk of living on the trunk. :slight_smile: That was my bug I inadvertently checked in over the weekend; my apologies. I’ve already checked in a fix, if you pick up the latest (including dtool) it should be fine now.


Okay, thanks.

The risk doesn’t seem too high when fixes are made this quickly…

Hmmm, I seem to have a problem grabbing the latest. I get the following error:

cvs export: waiting for drwr’s lock in /cvsroot/panda3d/panda/src/chat

Do you still get that now? The lock seems to be cleared on my end. That may have just been from both of us updating at the same time.


Still getting it, unfortunately.

There’s a #cvs.lock file here, for what it’s worth: … /src/chat/

Huh. Well, I’ll put in a support request to the SourceForge team. They should have the lock cleared by late tomorrow.

In the meantime, there’s no reason for you to be updating in that directory anyway; that directory is defunct and has been for the past four years. Try removing your local copy of the directory, and if necessary, (temporarily) removing -d from the cvs update command.


Perhaps part of the problem is that I’m using cvs export rather than cvs update. I do this because we don’t merge that frequently, and it’s very handy for us to have a clean source tree to merge with rather than one littered with cvs administrative files and old directories.

Ironically, since, as you point out, the chat directory is no longer used, cvs export prunes it automatically and I actually don’t have it on my machine or in our tree. But I can’t seem to get around the lock…

I seem to be able to cvs update the tree successfully. Try running cvs update instead, then deleting the CVS subdirectories by hand.


Not sure if it was you, the sourceforge team, or random luck, but the lock seems to have cleared and I’ve been able to export.