New Site Design

Hello All,

Please let us know your thoughts about the new website design. Specifically, let us know of bugs that you come across, and places where we can improve on the functionality of the site.

Of course, it’s always nice to hear compliments, but suggestions, questions, and/or complaints are often more informative and valuable to the design process.

If you’d rather send an e-mail than post your comments in public, please send e-mail to:

We look forward to hearing your feedback.

The new site looks great, keep up the good work!

A new feature that would be cool to see down the line would be a way to search the art assets gallery. I know the google search button has been added (in addition to the forum search) but I couldn’t find a way to search the Art Assets in the Downloads section. Yes, I realize there are only 3 pages right now, but that probably will change, and a search will become key.

Anyway, it looks totally sweet.


The site looks really great. Here are a few things:

  • In the new forum interface, the “View posts since last visit” link has been removed. This was the most useful link on the entire website! I’m lost without it!
  • The site has a fixed width which appears to be 981 pixels. This is wider than I usually keep my browser window, so I have to scroll over to see content on the right. Almost all sites keep their content within 800 pixels wide, or preferably have variable width content.
  • On the bugzilla page, mousing over the “About Panda3D” menu causes the main content to disappear. Mousing over the other menus does not cause this problem, and this also doesn’t happen on other pages. This is with Opera 7.51 on Windows XP.
  • The license does not appear to be available at the location specified in the license itself:

That’s all for now. I’ll post again if I find more issues.

I’m finding more issues with the forum interface.

  • The “Log in” link is always a “Log in” link. In the old interface, this would be “Log out [ username ]”, if I was logged in, so I could tell that I was logged in, and had the option to manually log out, if, for instance, I was using someone else’s machine.
  • There’s no link to see if I have private messages or to view them if I did.
  • This isn’t a big deal, but all of the pages seem to be extremely long, with a bunch of blank content after the main content, but before the footer.

I’ve been having the same problem with reeaallly long pages. I’m using Mozilla 1.0.2; any other browsers with the same problem??

I checked IE and it happens there as well.

Here’s another problem that I noticed while getting a topic reply notification regarding this post. The Forum is embedded in an iframe, which makes it difficult for people to communicate the url of a post. They have to know that the subject line of the topic is a link to the thread, instead of just copying from the address bar. Then, when they mail that url to someone and the someone checks out the link, they come to a bare page of the thread, without much to help them navigate back to the main Forum or Panda site.

Looks like most of the problems pertain to the use of IFRAME tags to encapsulate the forums. I’ve coded up a completely different way of incorporating phpbb into the website. Let me know if the new method works better. If it does, I’ll do the same with bugzilla.

  • Josh

These are great comments. Keep them coming, and we’ll adjust accordingly. :smiley:


Awesome. This seems to have fixed all of the issues with the forum, and I have to admit that it looks much better integrated into the site like this.

Just one sentence: THE NEW SITE ROCKS!!

I’ve tried nearly all possible pages without any bug in Firefox browser.

(i had numerous error in previous site versions)

What happened to the news section on the home page??

We’re planning on adding something like that soon. Probably, we’ll get around to it when we actually have some news. :slight_smile:

The website looks nice.
One small thing I noticed is that in the gallery page when you select the Kotodama pictures there is a link that looks like it should link to the project page but instead just links back to the picture page you are currently viewing.
The Kotodama website is:

Fixed it, thanks.

thanks for fixing it :slight_smile:

Some more issues:

  • can’t right click on the menu items in order to open sections in new windows/tabs

- doesn’t appear to exist however the manual references to it in the "Using panda in the Classroom, and Using panda in Free Software sections. Did you perhaps mean ?

-All the images from the manual are not working. (manual could really use a tune up too :X)

Yep, you’re right about the manual needing a tune-up. We’ve already started interviewing potential employees to do it this summer.