New Python Reference (1.7.2) [SOLVED]

Has anyone else been having problems with the Python Reference for 1.7.2 not giving you the information you need when you search?

For example, I just wanted to look up the methods of base.mouseWatcherNode to all the kinds of information I could get out of it. When I used the reference for 1.7.2 and searched for “MouseWat” It only showed me the public attribute on showbase and the call to create a MouseWatcher on showbase, neither of which have any documentation on them or link to the MouseWatcher class.

When I used the reference for 1.7.1 and searched for the same thing, it linked me directly to the MouseWatcher class so I could see the methods of that class, like I wanted.

Am I using the new reference incorrectly? I really hope I am, because if 1.7.2 becomes the standard and I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m going to have a bloody hard time finding the information I need going forward.

Edit: On another thought, I tried using the class list to look up MouseWatcher manually, and it isn’t listed.

That’s a known bug. Haven’t gotten around to it yet. Please make sure a report is filed.

I’m assuming you mean to file a report using the bug tracker under the community tab. I’m making a launchpad account to do that.

Thank god this is a bug. I’d hate to think the 1.7.2 reference was a new standard.

Bug report has been added.

Yeah, I can’t even find nodePath in the class list.

Note that the API for 1.7.2 is pretty much the same as the one for 1.7.1, so you can use that instead.

Fixed it.

Hooray! Thanks rdb. :smiley: