New option for makepanda?

I was just wondering if one of the developers could put an option like --no-docs in makepanda, to tell SWIG to omit the doc attributes of every function, as I see they take up quite a bit of space. (The libpanda.dll is 15 MB. Ouch.)

That, and possibly also release an archive with lightweight Panda DLL’s.

It’s not that urgent, I just thought it’d be kind of nice to have.


That is pretty reasonable. I’ll see what’s up with that.

Note that if you generate .pyo’s (instead of .pyc’s) by using python -OO, it will automatically remove the doc strings.


Except I’m referring to the DLL’s. The -OO trick works with Python scripts only.

I just think having libpanda.dll 7 MB (or less) would make life so much easier for those who have finished Panda3D projects who would like to distribute it.

Once again, just a suggestion,