New Modeling tool

I d’ont know if this is the right place to post this, but i will try it here.

I wanted to share a new modeling program
my cousin work at ubisoft montréal and sometime, he pass me some thing that could help me, and now he share me a new program called Sculptris to sculpt Organic Model like animals and Human!

This program wasen’t made by me, but was made by only one man, and the result is very impresive.
it can create .OBJ fie with you can import it in blender!

In fact, Sculptris is a free remplacement of Zbrush.

download site

if it help, three word: glad to help! :slight_smile:

Now that’s cool! And it even seems to work with wine under Linux :smiley:

That’s awesome :open_mouth:
Especially, if one thinks about that ONE single man has done this in only SIX MONTHS!!!

Thank you very much for contributing. thumb_up

Crashes under linux for me. Works great on windows. Its easy to get very odd shapes but really hard to draw some thing usefull - its still a tool that requires skill. (Secretly waits for an open source “spore creature editor”)

it is likely that the functional of Sculptris will be available in Blender … n-blender/

Just tried it! It was awesome, perfect for character building!

has i can see, it’s for Blender 2.5, 2.5 is a thousand more simple and the original one, but cannot handle with the chicken exporter for Panda… (sadly :frowning: )

i hope blender foundation will correct this and put on the chicken exproter
in blender 2.6 :confused:

WOW just found this tool too! has anyone tried it in Panda3D? Is the rendering fast? Does the imported model have no errors? No artifacts?

talking about interesting modelling tools, this one migh be a lot less professional. but a lot more intuitive.
i think bleneder 2.5 features simmilar workflow but it’s still very interesting … teddy.html

I doubt the Blender Foundation has ever heard of chicken :smiley:
AFAIK it’s developed by tsfhaines. I guess it’s a guy from Disney.