New here, need some help

Hi, so I’m new to panda and python. Where should I begin?


Ironically, your motivation for asking that is particularly relevant to the answer; why do you ask?

watch into the panda samples, i think thats the best way.

afterwards, set any goal in mind and try to reach it.
like doing a pacman game out of the ralph demo. where you can pick up any goodies and reaching points for and so on… but im sure you will get a idea by your own… oh and welcome to a world where everything can happen. :slight_smile:

i wish you all the best at learning this things !

Thanks. Am I better to go and learn Python first or can I start from scratch with Panda and learn Python specific to Panda?

I ask because I would like to be able to make some games with Panda! :stuck_out_tongue:

Technically, as far as I’m concerned, you’re better off starting with Python Tutorial. Especially is if you have no previous experience with programming in general, or specifically Python. Otherwise you won’t be able to understand the Panda Manual and samples, and that kinda defeats the purpose of reading them first ;D. You can try and see if you dig them first, but reading Python tutorial is a good idea nevertheless in my opinion – you will find some stuff that will make your life easier. And Python is not difficult so don’t worry, you’ll be able to get to speed quickly anyway.

That’s kind of obvious ;D. What kind of game do you wanna make? Just, for the sake of all codding ever done, don’t say MMORPG ;D.

And just a general advice – know yourself. Know your limits (don’t try to make an MMORPG… xD) and know your patience. And if you look inside your mind and see a sign saying “This one wants results NOW” than do yourself a favor and start small. Maybe with something more ambitious than a Tetris clone in 3D (something more like own design is always nice) but small, so that you don’t get discouraged by time needed to get something playable (even though that time can be tiny because of… Panda and Python :wink: ).

And good luck :smiley:

Great thanks. I know it’s obvious I said that because really, the reason I asked the initial question is sort of obvious too, right. :laughing:

Anyway I don’t want to make an MMORPG, lol, but I am interesting in creating a networked game of sorts.

Do you have any links to what I could start with? I know basic programming stuff and don’t really need to be told what a variable or a string is etc.

As I said, the Python Tutorial should be the way to go imho => . Since you had something to do with codding, you can begin by browsing through this stuff and seeing what you understand and what you do not. Getting familiar with the syntax and the pythonic way of doing things on simple examples.

After that you should be able to bite into the Panda Manual and see the… “pandish” way of doing things ;D. Also, you can check the forum’s snippets part to see how people do certain things you might be trying or wanting to do. Aside from the official Panda samples of course :slight_smile:.

Well… you can check out those two as well :wink::