new guy, with a couple of questions.

ok i desided to take a look at the panda engine!
i looked a bit around in the Manual. but couldnt find anything about C++!
only phyton…

also which graphic libary is panda3D based on?

and how is programming with panda3D?
the engine i am currently using, is extremely simple, and easy to work with, and i would like to know if thats also the case with Panda3D?
lets compare to pure directX with no engine?

hope you will take time, to answer my questions :slight_smile:

in advance: Thanks :smiley:

Look harder. Search the main page for “CXX”. Also, there are some resources on the forums.

It has support for OpenGL, DirectX and TinyGL(software).

Panda3D is found to be one of the easiest-to-use engines available. :slight_smile: Dunno if its easier than ‘your current engine’, but if not, it’s close. :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply :smiley:

i think i may give it a try then :slight_smile:

are there any “how to get started” with some tutorials or something?

and also: the engine i am currently using (Esenthel engine if you should be interested), doesnt require any experience with directX! does Panda 3D require any experience with DirectX, or OpenGL?

thanks :slight_smile:

To get started, I recommend this page. … _using_CXX

And no, you don’t need any OpenGL or DirectX experience with Panda.

ok ill proberly be using this post to ask all my stupid noob questions and stuff.
if i should make a new topic for each of my questions you would have to make a “Craksy” forum :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, it says that its highly recomended to mainly use phyton for Panda3D…
exactly how much is it recomended? would it pay of to learn phyton, just for the sake of using panda3D?

secondly, it says that i should use extention .cxx for my code files?
what the **** is cxx? :S
and why wont ordinary .cpp files work? :S

thanks in advance :smiley:

it’s very very very recommended. and yes it pays off to learn python just for the sake of panda. if you know some other programming language you should be able to learn panda within some hours to a few days. it’s really easy.
the only time where you would want to use c++ instead of python is when you find python beeing your bottleneck (in my more than 2 year experience i never found it to be the case but it might happen). in such a case you want to write a small extension in c++, still using python for all the rest.

btw. learning python is always beneficial. you can do hell of a lot with python. there are python bindings for literally hundrets and thousands of other libraries and applications. it’s very useful yet easy to use. learning it is never a mistake.

alright you got me convinced that phyton is a good thing :stuck_out_tongue:

could you point me to a good place to learn, + maybe some suggestions for a good editing software/IDE?

thanks in advance :smiley:

For the record, you can use .cpp as much as you can use .cxx or .c++ or .c or .craksyplusplus.

Python beginners guides for Non-Programmers: … rogrammers
Here are some for people who already know programming in other languages:

ok this phyton thing confuses me a bit :confused:
for me it looks more like a scripting language, than a programming language :confused:

are there no editors/IDE/something, where you can just type in your code, and run/debug?
thats kinda what i am used to with C++

Python can be used for scripting, too - but its commonly used as programming language as well.
There are certainly hundreds of IDE’s out there for Python. For example, theres the PyDev plugin for Eclipse.

I am assuming you are used to like eclipse or Visual Studio (f5 run).

I have buddies that use Eclipse (has a run button), Emacs is kind of nice with py-shell.

Personally, I use komodo. Really useful auto complete with visual studio style layout ect. With komodo you still have to open a command prompt and run a file, but it works.

i was just wondering if there are any free speech recognition engines out there, and if its possible to implement it to a game?
it would be so awsome to have a game with speech recognition :smiley:

hope you can help me out with this one!
thanks in advance :smiley:

There possibly are, but I highly recommend you to start with a basic game and start adding features to it - by starting with the most advanced features, it’s hard to get an actual game out the door.

yea i know, and i was not planning to add advanced features like speech recognition, before i got the basics down, but i just wanted to hear if it was a possibility!

but if anyone finds anything like a free speech recognition engine, please inform me, since this is a feature i allways wanted to be able to add to my projects (both games, and applications)

anyway, thanks for the reply :smiley:

afaik there is a speech recognition engine named “Sphinx” , which is yet another project of CMU which are also involved in panda3d.
i tried to use it ages ago. maybe due to my lack of experience it was quite tricky to get it working at all. but i was able to do things like starting my browser or musicplayer using voice-commands.
all in all it seems pretty complex but it might be worth checking out.

that looks pretty advanced :confused:
also i see no support for C++, so i think ill try to find another!

thanks for the suggestion anyway :slight_smile: