new game

Well, I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused for you guys, you’ve been a big help but I can’t do this, making a game is very complicated, and to tell the truth, i’m just a kid, I don’t have any experience in game making, let alone 3D games, and especially when i can only use a command prompt, but now I see why all these people charge money for games, it takes a lot of work and time, but I just can’t do this alone, it’s way to complicated, sorry for all the trouble, but thanks for all the help and tips.

I would tell you,however,that nobody have written let go but to engage and take one step a time as we are done and doing.

Mmm… and what about 2D games? : P. There are a few softwares that are interesting.
GameMaker, is a good software for beginners.
It uses GML (game maker lenguaje).

Or if you want something more… extensible or manipulable (programming), LÖVE is a good option.
It uses Lua.

If you don’t start you’ll never finish… The key point wasn’t to give up, but to start with a SMALL project, like everyone who begins with game development…