New game, need help

Hello all, I’m thinking about creating a new game based off of the (IMHO) wonderful series of Star Trek. However, a quick peek into how I was planning this out told me I could not do this on my own. So I am asking for help from the wonderful people of the Panda3D forums. I am good at Python programming, but not much else (e.g. Modeling, developing shaders…). If anyone wants to help, PM me or reply to this thread. Thanks!

yet another “if you have nothing to do why not help me” request.
well there’s nothing wrong with this actually. except that most people are already working on their own projects.
just out of experience. if you are advertising for people helping you out. it helps to tell them what you want to do.
“a game based on startreck” is a bit vague. how about describing it, genre, style, settings ,characters,story, etc. something which helps people to imagine what you’r doing so they can decide if they like it or not, and maybe join in.
concept art is also a great way to get modellers for a project since they can start working on something right away. if they feel like it.

You need models and stuff?

I would suggest that you create some placeholders. Make them as good as you can, but accept whatever you can come up with.
Then start coding the game. When you have a game that starts to feel solid and only require some polishing to be done, people will probably be more helpfull. :wink:

And since you choose a popular franchise, there will probably be a lot of models on the web that you can “borrow”. At least as placeholders.
(and one friendly email request to the original author of a model will sometimes be all you need in order to use that model in the finished product)

The description you wanted:

The player will serve as captain aboard a vessel.

Enemies will show up as dictated by the mission file.

Player will have to manage his/her ship to avoid defeat while being mindful that his/her crew has certain capabilities/disadvantages.

Player will have option to change crew to his/her liking (not in the middle of a mission of course)

Player should be able to switch between camera modes - the bridge, and a 3rd person external shot of the ship where he/she can take control of weapons and fight to the death (bypassing the tactical officer)

Thank you for your advice.
I have found some placeholders online and am beginning development.

Be careful there have been several Fan made media of Star Trek who got their boots sued off. Including simple non profit fanfiction.

It would be best to make a game influenced buy Star Trek but not in copyright violation, especialy in this paranoid media market now.

Yeah if you are just making a home / private project they would probably not care, but it a risk I wouldn’t take especially if I put in the months to produce a game- when I could produce a game I owned fair and square.


Especially with the new interest in the brand from the movie, and even more important the MMO in progress very soon, jbskaggs is right, it’s thin ice!

Making it inspired by star trek would be great though, and you could show it off in more contexts without having to worry about licensing issues. Plus, you can be more creative without having to get everything just right.

The game sounds really interesting, sort of like bridge commander (which incidentally used python for the mission format if I remember right).

Allright, I believe I will make it a space themed game inspired by Star Trek. Would anyone like to help come up with ideas? (I’m not so great at storylines…)

If you need game content you may wish to contact the authors of various Star Trek mods (Sins of a Solar Empire is the mos recent one being made that I know of). They may allow you to use their work with credit. I also agree with the others, once you have a playable demo you will find other devs willing to join your project.