New for Panda3D install help

I have just download and install Panda3D for OpenSuse the 10pt1 version, however, I am using 10.2 Just wondering would it working too? However I do install it in my computer, but don’t know how to start Panda3D, there is no icon on the Menu, and I don’t know what location and code to put in to start Panda3D. I mean, I would like to compile it if the 10pt1 RPM doesn’t work with my 10.2 system. Really I am just so lost to get it started and go with it. Also I wonder how will panda 3D work with Blender.

I use Fedora and panda3d is installed in /usr. For example, you can find the examples in /usr/share/panda3d/examples.

If panda3d is installed in the same directories on your system, perhaps you could go there and try to run an example by typing:

where you have to substitute with the actual filename.

istn’t it “ppython” :wink:? dont forget the double PP thing.
oh and about blender. you can use blender for modelling and animations already. works perfect.
some people are thinking about extending blender to make it useable as scene-editor. but those scene editors are only plans for now.

??? what double pp thing?

ppython, with two p’s, is the python interpreter shipped with panda.
In theory, it doesn’t matter whether you use some python, ppython, python2.4, python2.5, or some other.
But, if you’re experiencing problems with any of these compilers, best is to use ppython (that comes with Panda3D).

python2.4 + panda works fine on my PC, though.

On my system (standard Fedora Core 6 install + the panda3d rpm for this distro) just “python” works fine …

I see the file /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/panda3d.pth pointing python to the location of the panda3d installation.

But indeed, if it doesn’t “just work” :slight_smile:, you might try ppython.

Haha, I am pretty dumb, I still don’t know how to Start PPython. I mean I find the file in Bin, but that is about it. nothing happen when I click on it. I might need a step by step tutorial for dummy on this… Thanks all the help those, I start getting so idea how every work out, just no so clear.

There are three ways. (assuming you use Linux and want to run the GreetingCard.)

Go to a terminal, change to your directory where the script is located, for example, type:

cd "/usr/share/panda3d/samples/GreetingCard/"

now, type ppython to run the python file.

Put at the top of your python file this line:


(or any other python interpreter, if that works fine too)
Now, you can run your python file just like any other executable, or like ./ in a terminal.

THIS WAY IS THE LEAST RECOMMENDED! Because this way doesn’t show a terminal window it’s a lot harder to check for errors.
Just rightclick your python file, open with, /usr/bin/ppython. This should work. But it crashes when there’s an error in your python game. So, the first two ways are most recommended.