New ffmpeg causing build to fail?

I updated my 64bit Arch Linux system the other day, which updated my version of ffmpeg. I then went and tried to update my build of Panda3D (from SVN since I’m using this PKGBUILD) and now it seems to be failing due to something to do with ffmpeg.

I did a --verbose with makepanda and posted the log on pastebin:

My ffmpeg version is revision 23619 which I installed from the official Arch repos and I believe it corresponds to the new 0.6 version of ffmpeg.

Well I was able to get Panda3D to build. Not sure if Panda3D actually works since I did this remotely via SSH and wont be at my machine until much later today, but I “fixed” it with a C-style cast. There’s probably a much more correct way to fix this, but I put the patch up on pastebin:

I should mention I haven’t programed in C or C++ in a very, very long time.