New Face with ramblings and questions

Hi there!

I started learning PHP (specifically for Wordpress plug-in development) this year and right now I am a LOT more motivated about what it entails to learn a programming language. I won’t say all was easy but it was worth it!!

So now I am glad to finally arrive here and actually channeling my energies into something I have hoped to start a long time ago.

I almost started off with C++ (got the books as well!) but after a bit more consideration I dropped that idea. I am definitely not a young pup anymore so I feel that C++ for someone my age is overkill (although some beg to differ). So I can honestly say I am really excited about getting to grips with python!:smiley:

But I do have a question.

In your introduction there is mention of the fact that: “To successfully use Panda3D, you must be a skilled programmer… This is no point-and-click game-maker: this is a tool for professionals.”

As a independent “one-man show” (if you will) would panda3D be considered better for team efforts where production has been split into major compartments or does it curtail to individuals as well who wants to single-handedly build there dream project? I assume both but it could be that the process for a single person with panda3d may be a lot more tedious and cumbersome than using something like Blender’s Game Engine.

If I wasn’t clear: Should a single individual developer rather use something like Blender’s Game Engine or is Panda3d just as terrific?

I am not planning any large scale games if anyone was wondering. I have some ideas and stories but I want to do this purely as a hobby, a change from what I currently do and making something fun (hopefully spectacular) in the process. :smiley:

A final question: Are there any frameworks available to build up from for certain projects like platform, RPG, FPS?

Thank you for your time!

Hi there and welcome

from what I hear and have seen is that python is a good programming language for beginners. I’m a C++ programmer with a little bit of python experience; I do all my Panda programming in C++, but the programming of choice is python and there are many examples there when you download Panda. Start learning python programming on the web or in a book, but also go ahead and get Panda and look at the example code as you learn the basic concepts, I’m sure you’ll have fun with it.

Thanks tah

Just another thing.

How much math is involved here? Do I first need to go back and study up some algebra, trigonometry and calculus or is this mostly limited to what the 3D engine developers need to wrestle with?

I’ve only been working with Panda3D for a few days, but it seems quite accessible for a one-man team. Then again, all the popular game engines I’ve tried with the exception of UDK fit that bill.

If you know addition, subtraction, and graphing… you know enough to write a game. Heck, this summer quite a few youngsters at my local university did just that. :slight_smile:

Of course, if you know more math, you will doubtlessly find ways to apply it. Trigonometry is very helpful when working with graphics! Acceleration, velocity, and position can be viewed from the perspective of derivatives or integration. I know my current project will make liberal use of dynamic programming.

Well, that’s a relief! Although I guess sometime in the future I might have to put my shoulder to the wheel depending on what I finally aim for. But for now…

I’m happy with “addition, subtraction, and graphing” :slight_smile: