Networking with panda and C++

I was wondering if there were any examples of any networking in panda3d in C++. The only thing i can find is the class reference which leaves me stumped. Is panda networking support multiplatform as well? Or should i just turn to winsock for windows client.


Panda’s low-level networking system is multiplatform. The Python examples will also apply to C++ code (with the normal method name translations) they should give you a sense of the way the interface is intended to be used.

You can, of course, use the winsock layer if you’re more comfortable with that.


Thank you David. The python example is great I just forgot python methods and C++ methods are the same with different names. (havent used panda3d in a while). Being multiplatform this should work great for me to get a basic server/client system going.

Thanks again!