Networking Questions

Ok , when i become good enough i plan to make a rpg with a networking such as you can play your character offline and online ok i understand that there are differnt methods for networking such as client-sever, client-client etc however i wanted to know how difficult it would be to program a system where the player could play there character offline and/or connect to a server where they could play the game with friends for example i want ALL these options in the game :

Offline - Method 1
Client to Client - Method 2, Twoplayer i know one has to act as a server
Client to Server - Method 3

Would developing such a system be difficult?

Edit : Why im on complex systems offtopic but i dont think it will hurt to ask anyways The system mpq( used to pack files can it be used with Panda…also advantages and disadvantages of useing it reason i want to use this is it looks neat =/ ino im nub lol anways thanks in advance

a short answer since the long answer is worth about several years of computer-science study.

advantage: you dont have to mess with networking at all. (means no messing with traffic,lags,security,dataconsistency,etc…)
disadvantage: you need a better KI to replace the missing online-players

method2: 2 players , where one act as the server is the same as method3. you could just start the server on the same maching and let the client connect. “real” p2p with more players have the disadvantage of a missing authority,which makes the game a victim of data-manipulation.

method3: most commonly used, requires a server with more bandwith-capabilities than the client, totaly fine.even private persons can run a server with a few players <30 on todays internet-hookups.

why using MPQ? panda comes with its own filesystem, its highly-integrated and easy to use. search the reference for “MultiFile”.

word of warning. networking more difficult than a beginner might think. for RPG-like games its less a problem. but you have to face problem such as corrupt data, hacking (security in general), lagcompensation , ammount of traffic and a few other things. its still resonable if you keep the ammount of players low.

hope i could answer at least a few of your questions,


Hmmm…this awnserd my questions perfectly Thomas thanks and i will most definetly check the “multifile”