networking question

which would be better to use in a game, python sockets or the networking that panda has? just asking because I have made a multithreaded server in python and a fairly simple client.

Up to you but, I would do the panda way if you never did sockets befor. I did the socket route to test to see how it works and to get my feet wet with python/networking but that comes with a risk of being way (ish) harder to code. The panda way gives you a lot of options on differnt setup and commands with a few simple lines of code.

Depending on how ambitious you are, you can check out this thread:

Note that you will have to download the CVS image and compile panda3d yourself to get the most up to date code. (Until 1.7 comes out)

Also, it is not extremely documented yet, but that will hopefully be changing. I can tell you that currently I am able to have multiple clients connecting to the server all updating XYZHpr data realtime, AI clients connecting to the server and manipulating the environment, which also updates in real time.

It may take a bit of reworking how your server works, and it may end up being an AI client instead. Hard to say up front, obviously.

All in all, it has definitely been worth the effort to learn and start implementing. Check it out. You can also check google video for “panda3D distributedobject” and get some good video description of how the Disney servers implement the distributed object system.