Networking Help

I have recently decided to make my game multiplayer, I have come across a few examples through out the forums and I now know how to send messages between a server and a client however I don’t know how to send coordinates for avatar location or how to update it on more than one client.

Any help would be greatly appreciated I have spent I couple of days now getting know where. :frowning:

See and the following pages.

Thanks for the quick reply :smiley:

I have made my server and client using the manual however it doesn’t mention anything about sending coordinates only message strings, what is the best way to do this.

There are so called DistributedObjects: … 1394&hl=en

(Also, a look into the reference reveals that there are many distributed things, like actors and whatnot.)

I guess those could help you.

Thanks this is quite complex and not that well documented however it is exactly what I was looking for. I have another question what is the best way for the server to store and retrieve client information ie there name, level and the amount of gold they have.

for large sets of data. usualy databases are used. sqlite propably does a good job. if you feel like it you could also store those things in plain-text files.

SQLite looks but how would I do it with using plain-text? Also my distrusted network game updates the posistions quite slowly is there a way I can make it look more smooth on the client side without having the data sent more often.

Thanks for the help so far :smiley:

python provides basic ways to handle files (both ascii and binary). there should be countless tutorials and references on the net. how exactly you store your data in there is up to you.

a very useful snippset would be this one … hon-types/

Thanks that link was a great help and will mean I can make my avatar’s have points and other attributes stored.

Thanks again for your help :smiley: