Network Performance

Does Panda’s networking API currently support any form of performance monitoring? Is there a way to check packet round-trip delay and connection latency?

Send a round-trip message through your connection and measure the time it took. There’s nothing built in to do this for you, but it’s not hard to do.


Aye, but there’ve been a number of times I’ve tried to write something that turned out to have already been built into Panda. And I don’t have a lot of experience with taking down netstats, so it’d probably have been best if it turned out that something like this had already been done prior. Thanks anyway.

Look at the ToonTown…

IMO It’s fast enough even for big MMORPGs. Probably not for things like SecondLife(would need optimalization) but I don’t think that anyone will use Panda3D for creating second SecondLife :smiley: