Any ideas how to use this or what it is for? Example code?
It looks to me like some sort of AI over the net communications thingy.
Any idea who wrote it or why?
What is an “uber dog server”?

you know the messenger module?
it’s not for chatting or something the like, but for sending events between objects. things like the DirectObject.accept() use this iirc

dunno if this answers your question…

Sending objects over a network as in networked games, right?

Yeah but It’s not supposed to be a messenger like msn or anything else

I have so far written a panda3d game that is networked and working with the clients and server. Nothing fancy yet bet the packets are flying. I am not a complete idiot.

Do you have answers to my questions?

The NetMessenger code probably shouldn’t be part of the public distribution of Panda. The code itself is not very complex (you can look at the Python file; it’s not quite 100 lines long), but it relies heavily on additional code (like the “uber dog server”) that is not a part of the public Panda distrbution.

This file is intended for use with the VR Studio’s networking system, which has only been halfway released to the public. Sorry.


Thank you drwr!

Srr I did not ment to offend you. :wink: