Netbook, anyone tried Panda or Blender on one?

Had anyone tried Panda3d on a netbook pc? If so how well does it perform.
The prices of netbooks is low so I am tempted to get one for use with Panda3d and Blender.

Well, that entirely depends on the graphics card inside the netbook, right? =)

most will do fine with panda, but some won’t.
My internal card has problems using panda with openGL but with directX it works fine.


Some netbooks might have graphics cards with OpenGL ES support only, no OpenGL support.
I recently checked in OpenGL ES support into Panda CVS - so you’d need to make a panda build from the cvs.

If you’re talking about netbooks, the first pc I ran panda3d on was a white asus eeepc, it flew along niceley. The onboard graphics handled everything except 2 of the autoshader samples (the manually written shader equivalents worked ok) I think it was normalmapping and cartoon rendering.

but yeah, definitely usable and could be used for development for sure!