Netbeans IDE Problems

So i’m really trying to get started using Panda3D, but the final step that includes the installation and setting up of Netbeans IDE has been preventing me from getting anywhere for days now. I go and find the Python plugin, and start installing it, but it has always stopped and stalled at 6% and never went anywhere. After trying various other methods of installing the plugin (going to Settings, clicking Add, and putting a link in for python), i’ve managed to get it to go all the way to 40%, but then it still stalls. I’m really trying to start working on 3d games, but this problem is irritating.

The plugins i’m trying to install are- Python, and Jython Distribution (and for some reason it installs some Bundled Subversion Client even when I haven’t selected it).

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Is there any separate IDE I can use? (along with instructions for setting it up). I don’t want to drop Panda3D because of this.

Try mine.
Follow the link in my sig.
You don’t need to set anything up.

I use Eclipse - it’s pretty similar to Netbeans, and it’s probably the most feature-complete IDE I’ve seen. In conjunction with the Pydev plugin that gives syntax highlighting and automatic refactoring, I’d say it’s an option work checking out.