netBeans and Panda3D using C++/ Cygwin??

Hi, Im trying to use netBeans to compile and run one of the Panda3D samples. I know how to get python to work with netBeans but I want to use C++. When attempting to run the program i get an error which tells me that it can’t find the minmax.h or pyconfig.h files needed for dtoolbase.h. I’ve looked through the dtoolbase.h file and it seems that the minmax.h isn’t a header file that is to be contained within Panda, its suppose to be within Cygwin but it is not. pyconfig.h is inside of the python/include file but for some reason netBeans does not see it. Can anyone help or point to a tutorial on how to set up netBeans with Panda3D in order to use C++. Thanks in advance to any responses :slight_smile:

Sorry, you can’t use MinGW to compile Panda. On Windows, it can (currently) only be compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio.

If you are very experienced with compilers and porting C++ code, you are welcome to take a whack at porting Panda to MinGW. The last time we tried this, we ran into problems with limited support for DLL’s within MinGW, but maybe things have gotten better since then.